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Get sorted and then join in on the fun
This is a community that will sort you into the right house for you. Once sorted you can join house_unity_war and there will be contests every man for them self, and tournaments house against house. Including Graphics (Icons, banners, layouts, manipulations ect...)writing (Fan fiction, stories, songs, poems, ect...)


Please do not push for a certain house if you do you will not have your Application posted, and will have to submit another one. If you continue to do that you will not be grated permission to post anymore. And will be named a muggle. If the sorters do not see you in a house you may be named a squib in which case you can re-apply and if it does not change the second time then you will need to comment to on the very first post this community has which can be found in the calender section, and I will figure something out.

Application(Please put under an LJ Cut run mouse over the buttons on the top of the writing box until you see LJ Cut make sure you application is highlighted first. And please Elaborate) The application is the first post in this community, so once again if you can not see the post then go to the calender.


Head Boy:

Head Girl:

Gryffindor Prefects:

Hufflepuff Prefects:

Ravenclaw Prefects:

Slytherin Prefects:

Head of Gryffindor:

Head of Hufflepuff:

Head of Ravenclaw:

Head of Slytherin:

Sorting Hat:

These people have the ability to vote. They can enter challenges but can not vote in them if they do. They also help the Sorting Hat and myself on sorting people into houses, once we have more members everyone in the houses can help sort. So Please Please Please recruit like crazy people for this Community I'm very excited about this.